Citizen Volunteer Program


How To Become A Volunteer

As the Sarasota Police Department's Citizen Volunteer Coordinator, I want to encourage you to consider joining our program, a partnership between the police and citizens who serve their community with excellence and pride.

There are many ways to serve the community. The Citizen Volunteer Program is an excellent opportunity to join others who are committed to the community that we live in and the police department that serves them. Our program provides a resource of qualified volunteers to assist the Sarasota Police Department in maintaining and improving the quality of service provided to the citizens of the City of Sarasota.

There are many ways that you can participate in the Citizen Volunteer Program:
Walking Patrols, Neighborhood Vehicle Patrols, Administrative Duties at the Police Department, Emergency Cellular Phone Distribution, Parking Enforcement Specialists, and a variety of opportunities in an expanding program.

Consider the opportunity to be a member of this community driven program. Join the Sarasota Police Department and the City of Sarasota as a member of the Citizen Volunteer Program and be part of a winning team.

The Sarasota Police Department is actively recruiting volunteers for its Citizen Volunteer Program. Community-minded persons may apply to work inside the police department in a variety of positions or work as "citizens on patrol". By doing so, you are serving your community and working with our officers to maintain the quality of life that we have become so accustomed to in Sarasota. Call now for an application and for more information.

Do your part, VOLUNTEER!

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Officer Linda DeNiro
Sarasota Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
Office: 941-316-6482
Fax: 941-917-8045