3 People Charged with Felony Selling of Rock Cocaine Near a Church; One Person Has 59 Past Charges


The Sarasota Police Department has arrested and charged three people with felony selling of rock cocaine within 1000 feet of a church. 


Allen Thomas, 45, of 32nd Street, Sarasota and Sheila Hough, 63, of 32nd Street, Sarasota and Dallas Phillips, 55, of 32nd Street, Sarasota, were all arrested and charged last week.


Undercover Narcotics Officers say they’ve received numerous complaints concerning illegal narcotics being sold at 1156 32nd Street in Sarasota.  In April and May, officers say they bought rock cocaine from Hough, Phillips and Thomas.

The transactions happened at or near 1156 32nd Street, Sarasota, which is within 1000 feet of the First Haitian Baptist Church, located at 3200 Old Bradenton Road.


Hough has been arrested on 9 felony charges with 4 convictions, 23 misdemeanor charges with 12 convictions, 10 unknown level charges and 17 unknown dispositions with no incarcerations.


Sheila Hough

Dallas Phillips



Allen Thomas