Sarasota Police Patrol Officers Arrest & Charge Man with 3 Counts of Attempted Robbery


On Thursday, May 30, 2013, at approximately 9:11 p.m., Sarasota Police Department patrol officers responded to the Shell Gas Station at 1801 South Tamiami Trial in Sarasota.


Officers spoke with three victims who said Reggie Randall, 38, approached them.  The victims told officers Randall started yelling and threatening the subjects.  The victims also said that Randall grabbed the gas pump, aimed it at the victims, threatened to spray gas on them and told them he’d send them to the hospital.  Victims told officers Randall yelled “Give me everything you have.”


The victims did not give Randall anything of value.  Randall walked away towards apartments on Arlington Street. 


The victims came to Sarasota Police Department headquarters and were shown a lineup.  All three victims positively identified Randall as the suspect.


Randall was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted robbery.